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Our expertise is based on combined years of experience creating strategy for management, quality, and productivity in every aspect of corporations, organizations, and government agencies. We have deep expertise in engineering, product and design processes, delivery and customer satisfaction for multiple industries across many different segments and situations. However, we do not just offer our accumulated experiences – we have true insight and mastery of business management.

Our Services

We have extensive experience across all industries, from local organizations to large multinational corporations. Lance Tech’s highly customized approach brings each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives allowing us to quickly and effectively address the challenges they face. ASI offers a fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industries, helping them transforming their strategic visions into high-value business results.


If your organization is serious about competing in the global marketplace and wants to transform itself from a company that does things well into an established….


What if you could have access to tools and processes from 5 major problems solving approaches and blends them into a custom plan for your business?


Our approach to quality management is a proactive one ‘designing in’ quality into the product/process. The end result is that the product or process works right the first time.

Robust Engineering

We estimate the robustness of low-cost combinations of design parameter values with a signal conceptual design to discover the most robust combination of design parameter values.

Six Sigma

Innovation Conversations are convened to synthesize the diversity of perspectives and co-create shared vision for the future.

Voice of the Customer

Innovation Conversations are convened to synthesize the diversity of perspectives and co-create shared vision for the future.

Industries Served

Automotive | Chemical | Construction & Mining | Defense & Aerospace | Education | Electronics & High Tech | Food & Beverage | Healthcare | Industrial Products and Services | Nonprofit Organizations


Lance Technology Consulting LLC offers unbiased leadership and strategic execution through a broad portfolio of quality management and performance improvement consulting services. What we do is stay focused on improving the competitive position of our clients. We get it done by ensuring that our clients are receiving high-impact value for every service offering we deliver, each time, every time.

⦁ Taguchi Methods of Problem Solving – Robust Engineering
⦁ DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)
⦁ SBT (System Behavior Testing)
⦁ T-Method
⦁ Leo Problem Solving Methodology
⦁ Non-Profit
⦁ Real Estate

We have serviced hundreds of customers in many industries. Our customers report a 10X to 100X ROI through the use of LT-CG methodologies and strategies.

Proactive, Reactive, Transactional Problem Solving Strategies & Solutions for the whole organization, not just Manufacturing and Engineering


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